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Justice Louis Sangiorgio Internship Information



When I was a young and fresh faced law student I had the wonderful opportunity to work as a law clerk at a prominent NYC medical malpractice defense litigation law firm called Amabile & Erman. One of the main perks was being able to tag along with the attorneys in the office to the Supreme Court and get a real feel for how the justice system operated. It was during this time that I had the absolute privilege to meet Justice Sangiorgio, who was a warm and endearing figure to the Staten Island legal community. Unfortunately he passed before I was admitted to practice and I did not have the honor of practicing before him, but I will never forget how revered he was by all of his colleagues and by the bar in general.

A summer internship has been started in his honor here in Staten Island, with eligibility limited to 1st and 2nd year law students. I’ve always thought that by being part of the day to day of the court as a law clerk in the summers that I had a tremendous advantage over the peers that I graduated with. You can’t learn many of those lessons¬†from a textbook. I’ve seen the internship program in action, and the experience that a law student can gain in the six weeks of the program is quite frankly as valuable as at least a full year of law school.

If you or anyone who you know would like to apply for the program, you can download the application from the link below.


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