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Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease- Estate Planning and Elder Law – New York

SeniorAdultChildA sad reality of my practice is that I often am faced with the realities of Alzheimer’s Disease.  Alzheimer’s Disease isn’t something that you just wake up with one day, as it is a gradual breakdown of the mind and often also begins to manifest itself in physical symptoms.


Many people ask me about whether I believe their mom/dad/grandparent/aunt or uncle is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, or just age related memory loss.  I remind them that only a qualified physician can help to answer those questions, and making a determination about a specific condition is beyond my skill set.


This wonderful short 3 minute video linked below discusses exactly what Alzheimer’s Disease is, how it manifests itself, and how we can help those suffering from this terrible disease.

Alzheimer’s Explained

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